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i tried to unlock but it says my username is linked to other account, ive tried everything but no success

please respond asap i have a lot of work pending cause of this
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Bro i have same problem like your  resellers are not blaming therself for this issue
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Post your card SN and invoice of your credit login. Or, if you lost it, approximate date of purchase, date and count of refill, few phone models, your IP etc.
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2019-08-10 19:18:07Z3x Samsung Refil CreditsREFILL_LOGIN : zsc_zTs7bYDe
Quantity : 50

Done. Login: zsc_zTs7bY**

SN: AAE0-B853

this was the last time i added credits 


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This login is not linked to any account. Double check login and password that you enter
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