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Hello all,

i am very new her.

I bought the Easy Jtag Z3X Plus Ultimate 16w1 (SPI / JTAG / eMMC / UFS) equipment.

Before that I thought to copy the whole procedure as it is shown on the page of "https://multi-com.eu/".

Here is also a video.


Unfortunately I get the message: "Warning CMD Pullup Level (1mV)" too low, check cables etc.".

I also contacted the seller who checked the box and assured me that the box works.

He told me to check the resistance values between GND and the other signals on the board with a multimeter. Multimeter set to 20k. Result:

CMD and GND 14.28

CLK and GND 15.30

D0 and GND 15.07

VCCQ and GND 6.90

VCC and GND 16,36

The salesman said that this indicates a short circuit or an overload of the Vccq line.

The resistance must not be too low because this would reduce the signal.

I then got another S3 Mini which is fully functional too with a similar result.

I also used different pull-up resistors 50-200 Ohm 0.25 W from 1.8 V to CMD and Dat0 lines.

Also every CLK rate and IO voltage. Without success.

What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?

Please help me.

I am getting desperate.

Thanks in advance!

Have a nice evening

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1 Answer

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Hello. Could you attach images of soldering and connection?
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