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 Operation: Unlock AppLock (TMB/ATT) via Server Upload Nov 2020
 Selected model: SM-J337T
 Software version: 43.25
 Checking Login and Password... OK
 Balance: 9 crd.
 You have 9 credit(s) left. This operation takes 5 credits. Continue?  Yes
 Waiting ADB device... OK
 Reading phone info...
 Model: SM-J337T
 Android version: 8.0.0
 PDA version: J337TUVS9ATH1
 CSC version: J337TTMB9ATH1
 Phone version: J337TUVS9ATH1
 Product code: SM-J337TZDATMB
 CSC country code: USA
 CSC sales code: TMB
 Carrier ID: TMB
 Phone SN: RF8M10QE79A
 IMEI: 352149101194230
 HW version: REV0.7
 RF cal date: 20190107
 Chip name: EXYNOS7570
 Modem board: SHANNON305
 Security patch: 2020-08-01
 Boot Warranty bit: 0
 Waiting for device to become ready... OK
 Reading IMEI... OK
 Initialization zTool... OK
 Running zTool, please wait... OK
 Reading data from phone... OK
 Searching Ramdump interface... COM7 detected
 Rebooting phone... OK
 Waiting ADB device... OK
 Waiting for device to become ready... OK
 Reading ramdump data from phone... OK
 Searching server... OK
 Waiting for server answer... OK
 Waiting ADB device... OK
 Waiting for device to become ready... error



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Hello. Refunded. Repeat operation.
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