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I have z3x box activate samsung and lg but card is dead

and I have z3x jtag box can help me to move card dead activate(samsung and lg) to my z3x jtag card

My damaged box card serial : AA7C9008

New Easy Jtag Plus card serial : AA5CBF99

Last used of damaged card date : 15-16-2022

LOGIN  credits : zsc_2MNZ0s9U 

Last unlok job : m013f and m217f

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Hello. Provide also ip adress and photos of both cards/boxes. And do you tried repair dead card via shell?
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my ip :

I try but falid 

Attach photo of both cards/boxes please. Also visit ping.eu and attach screenshot.

ok this photo


You use old card with this internet before?
my wifi internt is inrupt so i use mobile hot spot

thiis is live photo with ip

thise photo

you can use team viewer or skype to make sure,
Activation lg sams_pro sams transferred from AA7C9008 to AA5CBF99

Thank you very much smiley

Thanks for the quick replyheart