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I would like to ask some questions related to IMEI repairs. I have succesfully changed(repaired) IMEI of G960F u6 binary.

1. Is there a method to change the IMEI forever so after reset imei will remain the same and wouldnt need patch cert?

2. if answer to first question is NO. can anybody explain how IMEI change works? as i understand it overwrites info in the chip and the info stays there forever. But why if info stays forever the CERT is gone after reseting the phone to factory settings?

thanks in advance
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We don't allow to change IMEI, our tool is only for restore the original one.

IMEI does not take off after resetting.
After flashing the firmware will remove the patch.
IMEI will remain, but the network will not detect it, you will need to install the patch again.
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