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Hello z3x team members

Me and some other users I think have a problem with connection to the server


problem is on the link. when I click credits history I am getting this error.

Your Public IPv4 is:

I tried 3 different computer and 3 different internet connection

also tried 2 different internet service provider.  

could you check is my ip in banned list or not

Card SN - AABB68DD
Card Type - New Top Card
Card version - 2.2
Reseller: yaypel
Card activated - 2017-09-23
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2 Answers

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Your IP address is not included in the list of banned addresses.  

Do you have problems only with checking credits history? Are the other functionalities and downloads working?
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not only checking credits history. I can able to download files but on repairing phones again taking same error.
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Something wrong with your internet

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