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Can I move the activation of my broken zx3 smart card to my easy jtag smart card?
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Please add more details, to prove that the activations belongs to you

  • screenshots with card info of both and smart-card activations which must be moved
  • date of successful work done of smart-card using credits (sever connect)
  • if you don't have a credit account, date of last action downloading (firmware, program updates)
  • and as well add a picture of Z3X box/dongle, Easy JTAG box, and smart-cards.
  • your IP address
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Ok, you can use now with new card.
this accound can't be locked with this card because other card have their first operations on it
Yes, it cant be locked to new card
    Phone must be rooted!
  If the software can't root the phone automatically,
  then you must root your device manually.
  1. Power on the phone.
  2. Tap 7 times on 'Build number' in 'Settings'-'About phone' to enable 'Developer options',
     go to 'Settings'-'Developer options' and enable 'USB debugging'.
  3. Connect the phone to PC with USB cable, install drivers if needed.
  4. Select device in ADB settings.
  5. Fill values what you need to repair.
  6. Press 'Repair' button.
  7. Press 'Patch Certificate' if you have network problem after repairing.

Operation: Patch CERT Nov 2019
Selected model: SM-N950F
Software version: 43.27

Waiting ADB device... OK
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-N950F
Android version: 7.1.1
PDA version: N950FXXU3BRA8
CSC version: N950FOXJ2BQL1
Phone version: N950FXXU3BRA2
Product code: SM-N950FZKDAME
CSC country code: FRANCE
CSC sales code: AME
Carrier ID: AFG
Phone SN: R58K36C9P4W
IMEI: 355686054937286
HW version: MP 0.800
RF cal date: 20180328
Chip name: EXYNOS8895
Modem board: SHANNON355
Security patch: 2018-01-01
Boot Warranty bit: 1
Checking Super user right... true
Initialization zTool... OK
Running zTool, please wait... OK
Reading data from phone... OK
Searching server... error
 Important! If someone shared this account with you, then ignore this message and repeat your operation again. If you bought this account, IMMEDIATELY REQUEST FOR MONEY BACK in your seller because this account is already in use by other cards and you can lose access to it any time!

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.43.27 [SM-N950F,Patch CERT Nov 2019]
Repeat again.