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Buenas tardes, solicito la devolucion  de 10 creditos consumidos al intentar la liberacion de un j327p, la cual no se llev√≥ a cabo ya que los servidores no dieron respuesta pero el cobro de los crediros si fue efectivo
Checking Login and Password... OK
Balance: 19 crd.
You have 19 credit(s) left. This operation takes 10 credits. Continue? Yes
Waiting ADB device... OK
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-J327P
Android version: 6.0.1
PDA version: J327PVPU4ARJ2
CSC version: J327PSPT4ARJ2
Phone version: J327PVPU4ARJ2
Product code: Not Active
CSC country code: USA
CSC sales code: BST
Phone SN: 00000000000
IMEI: 352618096663854
HW version: J327P.03
RF cal date: 2017.12.21
Chip name: MSM8937
Modem board: MSM8917
Security patch: 2018-08-01
Boot Warranty bit: 0
Waiting for device to become ready... OK
Reading IMEI... OK
Initialization zTool... OK
Running zTool, please wait... OK
Checking network lock status... UNKNOWN
Reading data from phone... OK
Searching server...
Operation: Read SPC
Selected model: SM-J327P
Software version: 43.27
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Hello. Refunded. Repeat operation.
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