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Mi z3x la cual tengo activada en mi easy jtag me dice que no puede conectarse al servidor tengo dos cuentas con creditos ya que compre una nueva cuenta creyendo que era ese mi problema, no uso crack de ningun tipo nose cual es la razon del bloqueo, espero puedan desbloquearla para poder usar mi box y los creditos feliz dia


My z3x which I have activated in my easy jtag tells me that I can not connect to the server I have two accounts with credits and I bought a new account believing that this was my problem, I do not use crack of any kind what is the reason of the blockade, I hope you can unlock it to use my box and the credits happy day
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What is your IP?
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- use different internet provider this is not a option, all years work perfectly, the las two monts failed
Good night, days ago I commented my problem with my z3x which I have been using for a long time, I have sent emails to the support area and they have not solved anything, format my pc and the problem persists and I try to use and download the shell from my home and I have the same problem, in both cases I use the same internet provider, which is Aztec communications, will this provider be blacklisted, or what is the problem? since I could not use my box.
this my ip from my house and have the same problem
  • Your Public IPv4 is:
  • Your IPv6 is: Not Detected

  • Location: Yopal, CAS CO 
  • ISP: TV Azteca Sucursal Colombia
All my ip es blocked? why? dont understand not locked
tengo este mismo problema con mi box no conecta al servidor desde que formatie el pc, necesito utilizar mi box y mis creditos.
tengo el mismo problema uso una sola laptop para trabajar la z3x  y hoy no tengo acceso al server  la ultima operacion que hice fue liberacion de un samsung por codigo y ahora nada no tengo acceso al querer trabajar un j260 solucion porfavor necesito trabajar