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i install new windows to my laptop after that i get problem that the user name password attached to differnet pc any solution for this i really need urgent help
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Post your card SN and some information about your credit login - approximate date of purchase, date and count of refill, few phone models, your IP etc.
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I will add it at morning for sure but need aupport person answer on it
Just use this login with same z3x CARD where you attach. Login attached to card, not to computer.

If you want to unlink your account from your card, you'll need to confirm that it belongs to you.
order no  6421027

my user name password sir

#72 Login: zsc_df8CL6Zt Password: **  30 pcs.

my date of purchase

2019/08/22 06:49:05

i did a205f  as my 1st model dear sir

i will provide more info if u need

like i don't know how to get ip
Please post your card serial number
Serial number is here

Relocked to this card