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this model supported to unlock network

Reading phone info...
Model: SM-G973U
AP version: G973USQS4DTG1
CSC version: G973UOYN4DTG1
CP version: G973USQS4DTG1
OS version: 10
Product code: ATT
Phone SN: RF8N921X0FB
IMEI: 356028102557577
Unique number: CE052045B570090B3F7E
Reading IMEI... OK
IMEI: 356028102557577

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.44.15 [SM-G973U,Info]
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Hello. Currently this bit not supported for reading codes.
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you need to flash combination and then you can read codes.

flash this firnware first  - G973USQS4DTF6 

then do e-token bypass

flash G973USQU4ATF1 Combo

and try unlock

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Hello. Im replied that this bit not supported. Why you posting this?