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Operation: Read Codes via Server
 Selected model: SM-G950U
 Selected port: COM3 SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port 
 Software version: 44.15
 Checking Login and Password... OK
 Balance: 6 crd.
 You have 6 credit(s) left. This operation takes 5 credits. Continue?  Yes
 Waiting for device to become ready... OK
 Reading phone info...
 Model: SM-G950U
 Android version: 9
 PDA version: G950USQU8DUD3
 CSC version: G950UOYN8DVC3
 Phone version: G950USQU8DVC3
 Product code: SM-G950UZKATMB
 CSC country code: USA
 CSC sales code: TMB
 Carrier ID: TMB
 Phone SN: R28J636AQXV
 IMEI: 355987084234243
 HW version: REV1.0
 RF cal date: 2017.06.26
 Chip name: MSM8998
 Modem board: MSM8998
 Security patch: 2020-12-01
 Boot Warranty bit: 0
 This phone may be locked to TMB and may not unlock via codes Continue?  Yes
 Searching Samsung diag port... detected COM3
 Initialization zTool Loader... OK
 Running zTool, please wait... OK
 Loading... OK
 Initialization zTool... OK
 Running zTool, please wait... OK
 Executing... OK
 Searching Ramdump interface... COM5 detected
 Reading data from phone... OK
 Calculating... OK
 Searching server... OK
 Waiting for server answer... OK
 Freeze code: 95051405
 NET lock: 09636137
 SUB lock: 00000000
 SP lock: 00000000
 CP lock: 00000000
 For check lock status: *#7465625#
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Hello. Why do you read codes in case if your phone not asking for them?
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sorry I was wrong pennies that the cell phone would ask for a code, could you do me a favor on another occasion I will check before requesting codes