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Login attached to different card  plz help

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Post your card serial number and some information about your credit login (for providing that it belongs to you)  - approximate date of purchase, date, and count of refill, few phone models, your IP, etc.
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this is my z3x box details_

Card SN - AABB67A2
Card activated - 2015-01-21
Download limit per day - 20
China Editor - NOT available, activation possible
Lg Tool - NOT available, activation possible
Samsung Tool - activated 2015-01-21
Samsung Tool PRO - activated 2016-03-07
Easy Jtag Plus - NOT available, activation possible

Need information about your credit login (for providing that it belongs to you) :

  1.   login name
  2. approximate date of purchase
  3.  date, and count of refill
  4.  few phone models
  5.  your IP, etc.
30 credit
Please tell what exactly is not clear to you from the list?  More information is needed to handle your request.  Without that, I cannot help you.
20 August 2019

Usrer name  :  zsc_VAPig2lg
Count :30 pcs.
When I have a problem in my box,
So I reinstalled the setup,
So that my issue can be solved,
Because of this, the history of the box has been deleted,
sorry for my bad english
ok, your request has been forwarded for consideration. I will let you know if I need more information.
ok thank you sir
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This login belongs to AAFE**7A because this card have made first operation on it.

Ask your seller for moneyback
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