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Buenas tardes, me gustaria saber si puedo desvincular mis 2 cuentas de z3x, por el tema de hurto de mis herramientas.

Tengo el login y la contraseƱa de las cuentas y las compre en gsm server, hay opcion de poder recuperarlas y usarlas en otra box?

ambas contenian 30 creditos.

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Hello, it is a pity that this happens. But the activations and accounts are transferred only for customers with an unworkable Z3X smart card and a box/dongle that was last launched no later than 6 months ago. The user must have both an old and a new card to transfer. Forbidden or lost boxes are not included in this list.
It is very good that you have reported the theft to the reseller, now this card can not be used by those who stole it.
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