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am opening samsung tool it no activate only say programe damage it only work in older version whatg is the problem
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If you have a problem - SMARTCARD not detected/Program Damaged while running software.

1. Try clean SMARTCARD pins. Try using another reader for SMARTCARD. Try reinstall drivers. Try to use another PC.
2. Disconnect all other boxes, dongles and try use function repair dead card:
- If function not allowed, remove the smart card before goto window with repair dead card function
- then after choosing repair, immediately put the card back and do the repair.
3. If BOX under warranty - ask reseller for replacing.
4. If BOX not under warranty, and last time box using was not more than 6 months, and you have damaged card in hands - buy an empty card and we will replace activation to a new card.

Just write a request here (or send an email sales @z3x-team.com) with SN old and new cards.

You can also use the FAQ section in Shell to find the answer to your question.
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