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dear easy jtag team i can't find easy jatag puls 2 beta version on official site. it need for samsung ufs otp unlock.
Your official sellers don't know it either, but some people are using it, why don't you show it to all users if you have updated ? Certified trainers are selling to their students. Please leave it for everyone. please help us by solving this problem
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Hello. Latest beta currently under developement.
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Already Many People using Buying in 200$ 300$
Show proofs

look thislook this

And whats the problem?
i also neeed this tool
As i told before this tool under develpment.
when this update out?
why your team selling tool   ??
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Nothing going to happen man , JTAG is not for users , it's for certified trainers and there students. We are also ready to pay, but to JTAG developing  team not to a someone. It's been about more than 1 year and almost everyone is still using the beta and still u are saying its been on developing.  But why
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