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M135FU After Read Codes Server i only got mck code and phone is asking for regional unlock code and when i try again read codes it says only mck calculated  so what should i do sir and mck code deducted 5 credits thanks
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Hello. When you triyng to calculate NCK - software calculating MCK again?
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at first it provided mck and 5 credita were deducted and after putting mck code i tried unlocking again and tool again calculated for mck code its not calculating nck kindly guide sir what to do here is my user you can check log history zsc_hnXcKtjM
after mck i get this message ( Now  the MCK Freeze PUK code will be calculated )
Refunded. We will recheck this issue.
Thanks for refund sir i have to unlock this phone so when this issue will be solved thanks