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I am trying to Repair VIVO V2126 (V23E 5G)  but not connecting to Preloader Mode... Phone is in March 2023 Security Patch Level...
Selected model: Vivo V2126 (Vivo V23e 5G)
Operation: Repair
Software version: 4.10

Host Power Off... OK
Switch virtual port to NONE... OK
Connect Type-C to HUB... OK
Host Power On... OK
Connect phone in PRELOADER Mode
Waiting for device... OK
Driver: [MediaTek Inc.,wdm_usb,MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM_V1633 (Android),usb2ser.sys,3.0.1504.0]
Device found at COM43 [PRELOADER]
Open port... OK
Send start cmd... OK
Get HW code from device... 0989
Get sec config... OK [00000005]
Active sec flags: [SBC DAA]
Get HW & SW version from device... OK
HW VER: CA00, SW VER: 0000, HW SUB CODE: 8A00
Detect chip [MT6833]
Advanced Authorization (Preloader) temporary disabled for this CPU
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Hello. You can enable unsafe operation in settings. But note, device may be bricked during operation.
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I don't want to enable unsafe operation in settings because it brings many risks and can expose my device to many viruses. Is there any other solution?

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