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Hi, there I have a problem with my Z3X (Physical) Box, keeps getting error could not connect to server. I also have Pandora (Online) subscription, same error. Can anyone help please.
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Hello. Unbanned. After what this happened?
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HI, I am a bit new to this. I don't have clue why it was banned. Thank You. I checked and it's working. However when I use my logon it says wrong card. Do I have to purchase credits seperately for the Pandora?
You should buy z3x credit account for samsung server unlocks.
I have credits on an account for the z3x box. Do I have to get another account with credits for the Pandora?
Now, it is back to "could not connect to server". What am I doing wrong?

I purchased both tools from GSMSERVER reseller. Is there something I am not doing correctly?
Provide screenshot please. Need to understand what and where you entering.

Here are the screenshots

Very new to this so please bear with me

Here is another

Waiting for device... OK
Device found at COM34
Port: USB\VID_1782&PID_4D00\5&4F9223B&0&1
Driver: [UNISOC Communications Inc.,sprdvcom,SPRD U2S Diag,sprdvcom.sys,]
Connecting to device... OK
Selected processor: SC9863A_64
Load files... OK
Connect preloader 1... OK
Connect preloader 2... OK
Connect loader 1... OK
Connect loader 2... OK
Read partitions info... OK
Checking A/B state... OK [A]
Read product info... [EXT4] ... OK
Product Brand        : Nokia
Product Manufacturer : HMD Global
Product Model        : Nokia C21 Plus
Product Device       : HPE
Product Board        : Hope
Board Platform       : sp9863a
Build ID             : RP1A.201005.001
Build Date           : Tue May 31 17:30:44 UTC 2022
Display ID           : 00WW_1_140
Security Patch       : 2022-06-05
Version SDK          : 30
Version Release      : 11
Version Codename     : REL
Firmware Version     : 00WW_1_140
Userdata FS Type     : F2FS
Load NVD... OK
Read IMEI... OK
Current IMEI:
   IMEI 1: 357384960114541
   IMEI 2: 357384960114558
Repaired IMEI:
   IMEI 1: 355770083456458
   IMEI 2: 355770083456458
Write IMEI... OK
Save NVD... OK

Selected model: Nokia TA-1425 (Nokia C21 Plus)
Operation: Repair
Software version: 5.0
Work ID: 2102161
   sin imei despues del proceso