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I have problem whenever I try to open my pandora box it's showing up the error (ActiError 2 box) please z3x team solve it please
Card SN - AA6B3F00
Card Type - New Top Card
Card version - 2.2
Reseller: GSMServerbox
Card activated - 2022-04-15 13:26:06
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Hello. Plug card inside another reader and perform this steps:

 Disconnect card
 Run shell, Hardware wizard, Repair Dead Card should be available (because no card connected)
 Connect card and then click Next (with Repair option selected)
 Update card firmware and activate all products and close Wizard
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Check itCheck it

Upload somewhere and attach link.
Ok please wait
Sir , i follow your steps agian and cearfully, and its worked ,, thanks a lot thank you so much
Hi there

They break my shop at night and took my all Laptop. Now try to use pandora online tool it's says I can use it again after 3 months. Please help me out. You know south Africa it's a regular matter of robbery. Please help out team