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I'm having trouble using the Z3X Gold Box even with the drivers from your support. It keeps saying "device not connected." Can someone provide me with support? Thank you.
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Hello. Not connected what? Provide screenshot of issue.
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Hello, I apologize if I wasn't specific, but I wanted to understand what questions you would have asked me. I'm attaching the screenshot with the current configuration from the initial installation. Thank you in the meantime.

Ok, have you tried all the steps below?

If you have a problem - SMARTCARD not detected/Program Damaged while running software.

1. Try clean SMARTCARD pins. Try using another reader for SMARTCARD. Try reinstall drivers. Try to use another PC.
2. Disconnect all other boxes, dongles and try to use function repair dead card.

Try these steps:

  1. Disconnect card
  2. Run shell, Hardware wizard, Repair Dead Card should be available (because no card connected)
  3. Connect card and then click Next (with Repair option selected)
  4. Update card firmware and activate all products and close Wizard
  5. Launch Samsung Tool


If you have tried all the steps but nothing was helpful, seems like your card is hardware dead. In this case you can purchase a replacement smart card from our official reseller.

Hello, I tried removing the smart card, but nothing changes as if it's not recognized by the system. Do you know how to check if the device is functioning?

Support for this problem :D?
Try with another pc/card reader. If still same - order replacement card. Note, that for transfer activations we will request such info as: card sn, card history and etc.