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Welcome I have a problem with my back30 account user I opened it with a normal box and then opened my second device with the same box, so I could not open the account It does not open either on the first or second device I inquired and was told that the account had been brought for three days Is this correct And what do I do
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Hello. Provide card sn of your box.
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SN   AA92174F
Check private messages.
I opened the account you gave me and found 10 credits in it
And the account I bought had 30 in it
This is his information, which I got from the agent, Iraq Server
  Login: zsc_K7g58byh Password: zy**** Count: 30 pcs
This account belongs to another card.
This account opened normally with the card after which it no longer logs in
I bought it from an agent and it has a balance of 30
I bought it on 07 08 2023 and attached it to the card and normal opening
After that I couldn't enter
I lost my card user
And the new one I bought says it's linked to another card
Username zsc_K7g58byh
Unfortunately, we do not revover accounts that belongs to losted cards.
Can I recover my card account?
Is it now linked to an account or not
This login belongs to another card and i cannot restore it.