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Dear Z3x Team Pandora Department,
I Buy Pandora Box + Z3X Samsung Tool Pro (2 in one) from Z3X authorized company gsmafrica. I buy it Aug 08 2023, 01:34 PM.

when i try to Active it, It's showing Card not added to Z3X Server. I try to contact with reseller. after 3 days he reply "Update shell". it still not working thats why i contact him again. He replay "Update Pandora Firmware". I was trying and it's still not working. i am trying to contact with them (gsmafrica) they don't replay me anymore.

Please Check my Pandora Box, serial add in z3x server. i hope you will help me.



My Order History


I Don't have money to buy again Pandora. I hope you will Solve my problem.



Reseller Info


Location: Country: South Africa
www:  www.gsmafrica.com
www:  www.gsmafrica.shop
email:  gsmafrica1@gmail.com
phone:  +27676521865
skype:  gsmafrica.com
WhatsApp:  +27676521865

Card SN - AA716C4D
Card Type - New Top Card
Card version - 1.5
Reseller: card not added
Card activated - never
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Hello. This issue can be solved via reseller only. Wait for reply.
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I contact with them, i ask them to add my pandora in z3x server. They don’t want to accept that thay didn’t add my box z3x server. They tell me to update shell. (When my shell is upto date)

This moment i can't afford another Pandora. Please help me. They are your authorizeauthorized reseller. Please, Don’t say it’s scam.


As you can see. Last few days there what'sapp not even coming online.

Hello. Nw all should be ok. Contact them for samsung tool.