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only pandora tool now can survive. Even I flash any file on SP flash tools, cannot open my phone anymore. I guest my RF callibration data were erased too. Since cannot make calls but can do sms and data due to cannot switch 3g/2g mode after formatted partitions. pls help me
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Hello. Try to flash backup nvram/nvdata from another phone and repair then.
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Sir still not worked since I have sister with the same phone. There's no imei even I patched it. when I remove nvdata and nvram and repair imei, it worked but there's no 3g/4g data. This happened when I started select format all partitions.
Try to repeat  with some another firmware.
Sorry sir but I already tried that. I don't know why and I am not informed that formatted all partitions also included in RF calibration unlike sp flash tools can't do this omy huhu.
sir, just kindly report that there is no 2g/3g in patch security on this poco x3 gt. hoping it will fix it or just add RF calibration here the next update