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When  repair Imei this error shows

what is the issue
Selected model: Infinix X6825 (Infinix Hot 20 Play)
Operation: Repair
Software version: 5.13
Work ID: 11119382

Connect phone in PRELOADER Mode
Waiting for device... OK
Driver: [MediaTek Inc.,wdm_usb,MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM_V1632 (Android),usb2ser.sys,3.0.1504.0]
Device found at COM8 [PRELOADER]
Open port... OK
Send start cmd... OK
Get HW code from device... 0766
Get sec config... OK [00000005]
Active sec flags: [SBC DAA]
Get HW & SW version from device... OK
HW VER: CA00, SW VER: 0000, HW SUB CODE: 8A00
Detect chip [MT6765]
Library Version [2]
Select platform... OK
Init BROM... OK
Force Charge... OK
Disable WatchDog Timer... OK
Reopen port for libver2... OK
Preloader exist. Skip connection verification.
Get ME ID... OK
ME_ID =  0x17C5B9D2, 0x816EE056, 0x9CA05B6A, 0x13DDD3CB
Load DownloadAgent... OK
Search DA... OK [1]
Send bootloader... OK
Start bootloader... OK
Wait for answer from bootloader... OK
Send SYNC signal... OK
Setup device enviroment... OK
Setup device parametres... OK
Receive DA SYNC signal... OK
Set DA parametres... OK
Get device connection agent... [PRELOADER]
Preloader alive. Skip initializing external RAM
Get device info... OK
EMMC_ID: 0xD601033538413434311184121DE0A92D
Send preloader... OK
Load DownloadAgent... OK
Search DA... OK [7]
Send 2nd DA... OK
Get device info... OK
   EMMC_CNAME: 58A441
   EMMC_ID   : 0xD601033538413434311184121DE0A92D
   EMMC_BOOT1: 0x0000400000 (4.00Mb)
   EMMC_BOOT2: 0x0000400000 (4.00Mb)
   EMMC_RPMB : 0x0000400000 (4.00Mb)
   EMMC_USER : 0x0E67800000 (57.62Gb)
   INT_SRAM: 0x000003A000 (232.00Kb)
   EXT_RAM : 0x0100000000 (4.00Gb)
Checking USB status... USB_HIGH_SPEED
[EFUSE INFO]:  BROM not disabled
Read partitions info from phone... OK
Checking A/B state... OK [B]
Read product info... [EXT4] ... OK
Product Brand        : Infinix
Product Manufacturer : INFINIX
Product Model        : Infinix X6825
Product Name         : X6825-GL
Product Device       : Infinix-X6825
Product Board        : Infinix
Board Platform       : mt6765
Build ID             : SP1A.210812.016
Build Date           : Mon Mar 27 23:01:33 CST 2023
Display ID           : INFINIX-S-64-230327V528
Security Patch       : 2023-04-05
Version SDK          : 31
Version Release      : 12
Version Codename     : REL
Firmware Version     : 220609V1
Userdata FS Type     : F2FS
Read partition "nvdata"... OK
Read partition "nvram"... OK
Read NVDATA files... OK
Read NVRAM files... OK
Read IMEI...
Exception: Access violation at address 01EFC27C in module PandoraTool.exe. Read of address FFFFFFFD
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2 Answers

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Hello. This issue will be fixed in update. If brom working - you can repair in mtk generic tab.
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how many days new update come???
As soon as possible. Stay tuned.
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If Pandora Tool is giving an error after 20 consecutive plays, try checking for software updates or contacting Pandora Tool support for assistance. It could be a software issue or limitation. 

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