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I need to replace my z3x smart card.
  My smart card was damaged, I already have the replacement in my possession. purchased from gsmserver. What is the next step please?




Work carried out until November 25, 2023 under the z3x credit account (zsc_xEwF9pX8)

- I attached the log.db3 file


please email whatsapp or telegram to send the required information
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Please add more details, to prove that the activations belongs to you:

- Old and new card serial numbers in text format.
- screenshots with card info of both and smart-card activations which must be moved (if old card dead provide only new card screenshot)
- Smart cards photos from both sides
- date of successful work done of smart-card using credits (sever connect)
if you don't have a credit account, date of last action downloading (firmware, program updates)
- Photos of Z3X box/dongle, Easy JTAG box, pandora box
- your IP address
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