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I have tried every possible CPU for this model and nothing is working
Connect phone in BROM mode. Use volume key buttons or testpoint.
Waiting for device... OK
Device found at COM13
Port: USB\VID_1782&PID_4D00\5&39176FE7&0&1
Driver: [UNISOC Communications Inc.,sprdvcom,SPRD U2S Diag,sprdvcom.sys,]
Port type: BROM
Connecting to device... OK
Selected processor: Tiger_T616_64
Load files... (universal) OK
Connect preloader 1... error(22)

Selected model: Spreadtrum Spreadtrum
Operation: Erase FRP
Software version: 6.3
Work ID: 17957073
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Hello. Try to choose different cpu one by one.
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I did and didn't worked, tried all
Wait for updates.