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Hello everyone, I bought a digital license for Pandora for 1 year. I want to link activation to easy jtag plus. I watched a lot of videos on the Internet on transferring activation. But I just don’t get a window asking me to write the activation to a smart card. I wrote to support by email. No one has answered me since December. That's what I'd like to know. What am I doing wrong))). Thank you in advance.
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Hello. Link pandora possible to card with samsung/lg activation, jtag not included.
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Why then is this not written anywhere?)When reading the card through the program shell, writes that activation on Pandora is possible
How activation related to linking account to card?
On all sites for purchasing activations it is written that if I buy a digital license, then I can use it on different computers, or if I have a company card z3x,Then I can link the annual activation to card. On the site gsm server There is even a video instruction on how to connect a license to a card)))
And does this mean that when purchasing Samsung activation, then can I link a Pandora license?
Yes, then you can use it as fingerprint.