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Operation: Direct Unlock
Selected model: SM-A047M
Software version: 45.14

Checking Login and Password... OK
Balance: 2 crd.
You have 2 credit(s) left. This operation takes 1 credits. Continue? Yes
Searching Samsung modem... detected COM138
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-A047M
AP version: A047MUBU5CWJ2
CSC version: A047MOWA5CWJ2
CP version: A047MUBU5CWJ2
OS version: 13
Product code: CDR
Phone SN: R58W7061HGJ
IMEI: 359472811386380
Unique number: CDV004ABECE903A
Checking avaiable method... OK
Reading carrier id... [CDR] ... OK
Checking phone... error (2)

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.45.14 [SM-A047M,Direct Unlock]
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3 Answers

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Hello. This bit currently not supported. Use checkphones: https://z3x-team.com/check-your-phone/

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It looks like you're encountering an error while trying to perform a Direct Unlock operation on the SM-A047M model using Samsung Tool PRO. Despite successfully checking login and password, and having sufficient credits, the operation encounters an error during the process. The error message suggests an issue with checking the phone, but it doesn't provide specific details. It might be worth double-checking the connectivity of the device and ensuring that all prerequisites for the unlock operation are met. 

x trench run

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so unlock via root option is not avalible?
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It is a rather complicated error and requires an expert or qualified person to fix it. fnf go

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