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How to separately force the preloader port to be a bloom port?Using Pandora Box
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Hello. I dont understand your question.
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My question is: Can I use the force preloader to brom function alone?
If you have preloader port - try tick force brom option.

From brom - you cannot force preloader. Only brom from preloader (in case if brom not locked and reboot allower in preloader).
Its already presents.
I only saw the check options for force brom in the software, and couldn't find the run button that can run force brom separately.
Oh... You  mean force brom without any operation. .. Why you need this option?
Because some software operations cannot recognize preloaders and can only recognize brom. If there is a separate force brom run button, other software functions can be achieved through Pandora operation

I suggest you refer to itsmiley

What operations cannot recognize preloader?