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Hello. This card never used with any account before.
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I already used this card and i perchase this user name and password dealership
Seems like you bought used account that binded to another card. Resolve this issue with your seller.
But seller tell me contact to z3x team so now what i do??
Im already answered what to do.
Sir i attach this user name on this box because i already perchase this username and pasword.
Its attached to another card (not to AAD077B1).
But sir my old card stolen and AAD077B1 is my new card
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2021-10-09 18:11:09
Its a pity that this happens. But the activations and accounts are transferred only for customers with an unworkable Z3X smart card and a box/dongle that was last launched no later than 6 months ago. The user must have both an old and a new card to transfer. Forbidden or lost boxes are not included in this list.
It is very good that you have reported the theft to the reseller, now this card can not be used by those who stole it.
But sir help me