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I was forced to reinstall my windows and i cant wait 48hours due to my job schedule .I only use one pc I havent shared login to anyone please help
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Hello. You have attempts, just wait 48h to change pc.
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I have an urgent task pending I only use one pc and the problem was due to os reinstallation in need to log in ASAP how can you help?
48h must pass between fp change.
Im sure there is a way you can rectify this because i purchased the license to work im stuck ,can you unbind any other pcs because i only use one computer its urgent
Its automated system, you will be allow to bind new fingerprint after 48h counter passed.
Can you unbind other computer to my account?
Now 48 hours passed but im getting connection closed by peer when binding my pc what is the problem? My internet works fine
Use vpn or another isp.