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Hi - my Z3X box is not visible in device manager despite installing card, usb and other drivers. If it doesn't appear then how can I make it appear? I have used this box for years but this is a new computer with driver signing turned off. Thanks for any help!
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Hello. There is no any device after connecting?
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Ah OK, it wasn't letting me download earlier today. I'll try again, thanks!
Still nothing. Z3X not visible in DM, card reader has "?" in DM and card not detected by Shell.

Is it possible that my card is banned or something? I think the driver would still allow the box to run, but worth asking just in case. It's serial number AA897689
In any case even if card banned - it will detect and shell will be able to read info.
I figured as much but have to find other explanations, because I've tried every single box and card reader driver now with no luck. I'll uninstall all devices qne uninstall drivers and start again.
Try on another windows.