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I can sell account and credit z3x? Or are linked with the card?
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we do not recommend users to sell their accounts.  According to the updated security guidelines, the account belongs to the card with which it was used for the first time.  If the account is unlinked, it can be used with another card (sometimes users have multiple boxes), but it is no longer possible to link to any other card.
Also, there will be support issues when prompted to change the password - if it is changed then the login will be attached to that first card.
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I bought these but I don't need. Reseller can refound me?
You can contact your reseller with this question.  If you have not used this account with your card yet, it is not tied to it.  But these decisions are at their discretion. Users upgrade their equipment, sell their boxes, as do their accounts, but in this case, we cannot provide support for contentious issues between users.