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was unlocking 6 phones same model a600t1..

my bad that i connected same phone twice and it was go thru unlock process two times.can i get 5 credits back of that please?

and some of these phones on middle of process doesn't ask for popup on waiting adb step but also 5 credits consomed but phone never unlocked

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2 Answers

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For codes request need: 1. Phone SN, 2.Login 3. Log

  • If codes delivered by software the codes are 100% correct. 
  • If the software has started reading and not delivered due to the internet connection then contacts with sales @z3x-team.com for codes any time or you can repeat the operation. 
  • if happens double credits charge for the same phone - not worry - just send email to sales @z3x-team.com
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thank you.. i sent email  ,but no answer still..credits not refunded yet also
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Credits returned. Sorry for the the inconvenience
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I just made a process to one lg per server and they charged me 2 times to unblock me could they help me with those 5 credits that I lost

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I see only one request for LG X210APM