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loss of credits for unlock g975u AT&T

I did the normal process and I got a security error and lost 5 credits could help me recover lost credits
Operation: Read Codes via Server
Selected model: SM-G975U
Software version: 38.11

Checking Login and Password... Listo
Ballance: 15 crd.
You have 15 credit(s) left. This operation takes 5 credits.Continue? Si
Waiting for device to become ready... Listo
Leyendo información del teléfono ...
Modelo: SM-G975U
Android version: 9
PDA version: G975USQS2BSIW
CSC version: G975UOYN2BSIW
Versión del telefono: G975USQS2BSIW
Código del Producto: SM-G975UZBAATT
Código de país CSC: USA
Código de Venta CSC: ATT
Phone SN: R38M404051H
IMEI: 354418101560262
HW version: REV1.0
RF cal date: 2019.04.05
Chip name: SM8150
Módem: SM8150
Security patch: 2019-11-01
Boot Warranty bit: 0
Reiniciando teléfono ... Listo
Waiting ADB device... Listo
Waiting for device to become ready... Listo
Initialization zTool... Listo
Running zTool, please wait... Listo
Lectura de datos desde el teléfono ... Listo
Buscando servidor... Listo
Waiting for server answer... Listo
Calculando... error (1)
Reboot phone and try again.
Check ADB drivers, USB cable. Don't use USB Hubs
If this repeated then reflash phone and make factory reset.
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1 Answer

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Hello, please try to flash modem from



And after that read codes again, server will not charge twice for the same phone.

In case if double credits taken, write here and we'll refund.
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