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hi i try diffrent pc still same november 2019 not work i try win 10 win 7 even i try with my friend z3x still no luck i think %100 z3x  not ours
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Hello, have you tried the latest 38,11 version of the Samsung tool? 

  • The program freezes and "thinks", or freezes and does nothing? –°an you press Cancel?
  • See if the card blinks when you press the button, and it would be better to record a video of the blinking.
  • And also, what happens if you start the process without a phone?

There is also an assumption that it is the phone itself, as this problem is not common among users.

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i make video first i use with august 2019 and cancel after i try with november 2019 still no work step 3 i use without dont plug phone still no luck 

here is youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCuSQZ1Kmkc&feature=youtu.be

Thanks for the message and the detailed description of the problem, in this case find some bugs and will fix as soon as possible.