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please i'm unable to use shell (keep freezing) or download files from samsung pro (cannot login to server)
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IP address is unbanned now
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could not connect to server  again just after one download please.

I just dowloaded COMBINATION_OXM_FA80_G965FXXU7ASI1, and i'm now unable to download another file please!

Unbanned again. Problem in dynamic ip, someone from your network used cracked version of the software.

thanks. Is it possible to have the ip causing this so that i can block too if possible please?
To prevent this error in the future you can ask your provider for static IP address.
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Hello, please provide your public IP from this link

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having dynamic ip
Help please


Having Dynamic IP lookin like 154.73.*.*


current ip is
working now please
Hello, your IP address is not banned.

This may be an ISP (internet service provider) side problem, not the z3x server.  Wait until your provider update / restart the server, or you can inform your ISP about it.
Try to use another computer and another provider.

May need to check your firewall settings, gateway settings, etc.

Also, make sure that the drivers are installed correctly and the card is connected.
Worked. Thanks

was isp
please help facing below error


Operation: Reset Pattern Lock
Selected model: SM-G928T
Software version: 41.8

Checking local file... not found
Searching server... OK
Downloading file... error
Can not download file

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.41.8

Hello eurekatvt.  You can't download just this file? What about other files from the support area?

I'm facing issue to dowload firmware via download Tab as i need to retry 4 or 5 times before it goes through.

And using Shell, i can try 2 or 3 times before downloading
Please try a different internet service provider, because it is very likely that there is a problem with the connection.