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I Already unlock the phone the ssecond attempt, but spend 5 credits the first time without succed.

Operation: Read Codes via Server
Selected model: SM-J250M
Selected port: COM57 SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port
Software version: 38.11

Checking Login and Password... Listo
Ballance: 16 crd.
You have 16 credit(s) left. This operation takes 5 credits.Continue? Si
Waiting ADB device... Listo
Leyendo información del teléfono ...
Modelo: SM-J250M
Android version: 7.1.1
PDA version: J250MUBS5ASJA
CSC version: J250MUWE5ASB2
Versión del telefono: J250MUBS5ASG2
Código del Producto: SM-J250MZKACWW
Código de país CSC: JAMAICA
Código de Venta CSC: CWW
Phone SN: RV8KB0D8X9L
IMEI: 352686100829936
HW version: MP0.900
RF cal date: 2018.11.15
Chip name: MSM8937
Módem: MSM8917
Security patch: 2019-10-01
Boot Warranty bit: 0
Initialization zTool... Listo
Running zTool, please wait... Listo
Lectura de datos desde el teléfono ... Listo
Searching Ramdump interface... COM59 detected
Lectura de datos desde el teléfono ... Listo
Calculando... Listo
Buscando servidor... error
could not connect to server
Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.38.11
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Hello, credits refunded on your account.
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