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Hello I want to ask about N975U & N975U1 At&t , t-mobile , sprint , verizon supported for unlock network or not?

And witch android version is supported ?

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Hello, to find out which phones and firmware versions were successful by users, you can follow the link and see the model you are interested in.

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how much cridets it cost??
and all network supported?? like T-mobile , AT&T , verizon ??

For SAMSUNG SM-N975U&N975U1 At&t, T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon are unsupported for unlocking at this moment, available only read codes option from other carriers. 

Note. Pricing and supported firmware are valid for Jan 13, 2020.  Please check the actual model support and pricing on our website.

This operation takes 5 credits. 


image  Read Unlock Codes using credits SM-N975U

    Tested firmware:

image  Read Unlock Codes using credits SM-N975U1

    Tested firmware:

Also not supported in tool pro 39.0?

how do I unlock N975USQU2BSL7??
how do I unlock N975USQU2BSL7?? Your post says it's tested but Box says "Reading data from phone... error (7)
Your phone has new security and can not be unlocked by this method

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.39.8"
Have the same Error said I have a New Security maybe is because we are in Security Patch From April. Need to wait until 39.9v come I think.

Please check the actual model support and pricing on our website.
Manufacturers also release updates, make security patches and close solutions that were possible earlier. It takes some time to find new solutions