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Hi everyone, i have a big problem with a Samsung J530F.

I can't repair the imei the error message is: try downgrade modem if possibile.

please help me and see the log. thank to everyone can help me.
Operazione: Repair
Selected model: SM-J530F
Versione Software: 39.0

Aspettando ADB dispositivo... Ok
Lettura info telefono...
Modello: SM-J530F
Android versione: 9
PDA versione: J530FXXU6CSK9
CSC versione:
Versione Phone: J530FXXU6CSK9
Codice prodotto: SM-J530FZDA
Codice Paese CSC:
Codice vendita CSC:
Telefono SN: RF8K618YCNL
IMEI: 357940091482154
HW versione: MP 0.500
RF cal data: 20180613
Nome Chip: EXYNOS7870
Piastra modem: SHANNON315
Security patch: 2019-12-01
Boot Warranty bit: 1
Initialization zTool... Ok
Running zTool, please wait... Ok
Lettura dati da telefono... Ok
Ricerca server... Ok
Checking server answer... modem not supported
Ricerca server... Ok
Checking available files... not found compatible file
Try downgrade modem if possible.
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pls help thanks.
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