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I have Samsung a107f

this unlock

I show in my box it's supported but I can't unlock it

how can I unlock FRP
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Hello, unfortunately, unlock FRP for a107f is not supported at this moment.  Samsung has closed the possibility of writing the combination file on new galaxy 2019 models.

If you write the combination u3 for a107f, you will receive this error on the phone screen
"Please get the approval to use factory binary (Pit)"
Even when you try to flash with Odin or the combination file boxes you will get this error set pit file error.
To reset FRP a107f you can use the sim method without a combination or pc.
Watch videos and follow the instructions if you can reset FRP to a107f, in case you can't reset FRP there is no solution at the moment  ( or you have to do it for a fee)
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ok, how can you help me for this

im download this firmware


can I unlock FRP with this firmware