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Buenas noches, olvide la contraseƱa de mi cuenta , aun esta funcionando, pero voy a reinstalar la pc y no quero perder mis creditos, ayuda por favor, gracias

Good night, i forget the password of my account, Now I can use it  because is linked in with my box, but i will make a clean install of windows, and i dont want to loss my credits, help me please, thank you.
Gaste 5 creditos el 17 de septiembre de 2019 en la liberacion de un j250m, me quedan 25 creditos, gracias
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Hello, please check your private messages to see your password.
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Hello, please create your own request by asking a question.

There add your card SN and credits username. If you forget username too, need write some details about the account, approximate time of buying, refill count and date, phone models which was unlocked with it, your IP, etc