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I am using Z3X box last 7 or 8 years last night suddenly my box card not found not working i clean it try another hardware but its not working. 22 credits on my card . My card serial no is 0002A247. i was purchased from Basit resseller . my credits user name is zsc_VZIQFiPB.
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Hello, have you tried all the steps below?

If you have a problem - SMARTCARD not detected/Program Damaged while running software.

1. Try clean SMARTCARD pins. Try using another reader for SMARTCARD. Try reinstall drivers. Try to use another PC.
2. Disconnect all other boxes, dongles and try to use function repair dead card.

Try these steps:

  1. Disconnect card
  2. Run shell, Hardware wizard, Repair Dead Card should be available (because no card connected)
  3. Connect card and then click Next (with Repair option selected)
  4. Update card firmware and activate all products and close Wizard
  5. Launch Samsung Tool


If you have tried all the steps but nothing was helpful, seems like your card is hardware dead. In this case you can purchase a replacement smart card from our official reseller.

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my card is dead i check card another z3x hardware but problem is if i purchased new card what about my  22 credits and my card was samsung and LG both activated.

You can order a replacement card from our official resellers and move all the activations from your damaged smart-card to a replacement smart-card.

After you receive Z3X Replacement Smart-Card, you have to contact Z3X developers team - create a request here (Q2A)

In your request you should indicate:

  1. serial numbers of both old and new smart-card
  2. activations which must be moved
  3. date of successful work done of damaged smart-card using credits (sever connect)
  4. or, if you don't have a credit account, date of last action downloading (firmware, program updates)
  5. and as well add a picture of Z3X box/dongle and damaged smart-card.

If you need to move your credit account with this activation too, provide information that will prove it belongs to you:

  1. login name
  2. approximate date of buying
  3. refill date and count
  4. few phone models that were unlocked with the login
  5. your IP etc.
Note: This smart-card can be purchased only by customers with not serviceable Z3X smart-card and box/dongle that were in use last time not later than 6 months ago. Banned or lost boxes are not included in this list.

I contact to all  official resellers in my country but no one have replacement card.

I purchased Easy Jtag Plus From kbgsmstore Basit . Can you please move all my activation and credits on my new Easy Jtag Plus card.

My damaged box card serial 0002A247

New Easy Jtag Plus card serial  AA65B96E

Last used of damaged card date 25-Feb-2020

because of virus attack my windows currpt so i dont have logs 

i was purchesd z3x box about 7 or 8 years before. i don't remember excat date but my last successful jobs was one unlock S8 and j260f j400f patched.

i also upload pictures of damaged box and card.

i was purchased 30 credits 29.8.2019

login name is zsc_VZlQFiPB

Hello, activations successfully transferred.  Account zsc_VZlQFiPB was not linked to a damaged card, so you can use it without obstacles.

When you use all the credits on this account, it will be better to order a new account, which can be linked to your new card. (Since the account can only be linked to the card with which the first operation was processed)