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good afternoon team z3x I write because since I updated I could not connect to the server to work I hope your prompt and effective response as always

Good I wrote to you 2 days ago because I had a problem with the z3x server and it doesn't let me work, I already passed them my public ip address and they couldn't solve my public ip

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Your IP was banned. I can unban it when you provide me your public IP from this link

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Hello, i have the same problem
I have the same problem. Is it a problem with Z3X server itself? I'm seeing a lot of post about server error.

 sorillo555 may be here you will see some answers: https://wiki.z3x-team.com/index.php?title=403_forbidden

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Your IP unbaned, enjoy!
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Have same problem "Could Connect to server"

  • Su IP local es:
  • Su IPv4 público es:
  • Su IPv6 es: No detectado

  • Ubicación: Tegucigalpa, FM HN
  • ISP: CableColor S.A.