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good afternoon i am new to using z3x 
several times buy credits with different accounts I did not know that I could use the same account 
I have 6 different accounts that I use
each one has a different balance could help me unite all my credits to a single account please
I have proof that I buy the credits and I can show that I used the credits of the accounts in my box Z3x
please can you help me I can send you the username  with the passwords and also vouchers that I buy each account
I can also send my box number that uses all accounts in one box
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Hello, we have reviewed your appeal. Unfortunately, this feature is not available at the moment, but we will consider how it can be realized for the benefit of the customers, but without risks of fraud.
Did you know that there is a possibility to refill credit to an existing account? You need to inform your sales manager about it while ordering the item.
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