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Perform the reading of Samsung Note 8 Bit 6 code throws me the code but I enter it and check wrong

is here log
Operation: Read Codes via Server
 Selected model: SM-N950U
 Selected port: COM150 SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port
 Software version: 40.2
 Checking Login and Password... Listo
 Ballance: 20 crd.
 You have 20 credit(s) left. This operation takes 5 credits.Continue?  Si
 Waiting ADB device... Listo
 Leyendo información del teléfono ...
 Modelo: SM-N950U
 Android version: 9
 PDA version: N950USQS6DSG6
 CSC version: N950UOYN6DSG6
 Versión del telefono: N950USQU6ASG1
 Código del Producto: SM-N950UZKAATT
 Código de país CSC: USA
 Código de Venta CSC: ATT
 Phone SN: R38J80QEWLY
 IMEI: 358502080749560
 HW version: REV1.0
 RF cal date: 2017.08.24
 Chip name: MSM8998
 Módem: MSM8998
 Security patch: 2019-07-01
 Boot Warranty bit: 0
 Reiniciando teléfono ... Listo
 Waiting ADB device... Listo
 Reiniciando teléfono ... Listo
 Waiting ADB device... Listo
 Waiting for device to become ready... Listo
 Initialization zTool... Listo
 Running zTool, please wait... Listo
 Lectura de datos desde el teléfono ... Listo
 Searching Samsung diag port... detectado COM150
 Leyendo información del teléfono ... Listo
 Lectura de datos desde el teléfono ... Listo
 Searching Ramdump interface... COM133 detected
 Lectura de datos desde el teléfono ... Listo
 Calculando... Listo
 Buscando servidor... Listo
 Waiting for server answer... Listo
 Congelar código: 62748068
 NET lock: 70513030
 SUB lock: 00000000
 SP lock: 00000000
 CP lock: 00000000
 Para comprobar bloquea el estado: *#7465625#
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If the phone doesn't accept code:

  • One problem can be that the phone is non-updated or after firmware downgrade. Just upgrade the phone to the last firmware and do the master reset, the phone will accept the codes.
  • Check that your phone doesn`t require a Freeze code. If asks for Freeze - enter it first and then Network code.

P.S. NETWORK PUK code = freeze code.

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