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Hello Please help Blocked z3x

Error: can't login to server

Help please unbaned

Card SN - AA3E0DEC
Card Type - New Top Card
Card version - 2.2
Reseller: sharkgsm
Card activated - 2016-03-04

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1 Answer

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Your card was locked by your reseller. It`s marked as lost. Ask your reseller about unlock
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frown Then how is possiable to unlock because Saller is Gone he paased Away Shop Close Please Help because i want to activate lg activation or need to buy Credit account for unlock opreation

 Here is your reseller info




Sonork 100.110681

Skype Youkiloon



it means you cannot  do anything ???
Yes, I can`t unblock you because I don`t know reason of blocking.
i also dont know about reason i was explane you i have bought to 3rd person so thats why ...Please unblock if in your hand and if resller block this card so 4 year a long time to forget