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Hi Bro.If will buy Z3X Box must activate it every year?
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Hello, by purchasing the box (activation) you get full permanent access to all functions and features including files from the support area (except for functions that require a credit account*). 

There is no need to buy the activation every year.

  *Please note that to restore IMEI and some other operations with the latest phones you need to have an account with credits on it to be able to authorize on the server. The number of credits in the account does not matter, but it must be more than zero. 
 The account is not provided with the box and can be purchased separately by users if necessary.

Credits also allow you to securely and quickly unlock the latest Samsung & LG phones by reading unlock codes from the phone - without the need for root (empty KNOX flag) and risk of bootloop (take 5-15 credits, depending on the model).  To find out which phones and firmware versions were successful by users, and the costs of unlocking you can follow the link and see the model you are interested in.

Please, buy our products only from official resellers.
If your supplier is not on the reseller list, you buy Z3X product at your own risk.

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