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hi i write confused AP,BL

files then phone binary mixed up , what shall I do?
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Post all details please. Seems like you want to unlock frp, this happens after you flash combination and then not full firmware, yes? Post screenshots what files you choose when flash firnware and names of combination and firmware.
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yes , sir , i will

this is photo 

Tell me please: phones model, why you decided to flash it and full log.. If you want to unlock frp via flashing combination and then not full firmware: choose full bl file, choose ap  file and disable userdata flashing, choose csc and disable cashe flashing. Also itt will be better if you post photo of your flashing settings.

yes like you , skip user data , and ap , file then bl file i fiashed! first ap file
you want to unlock frp?
Give names of firmware and combination that you are fashing.
was 4 file , U4
Dear user, i cant provide quality support for you if you dont give answers for all my questions.